About Yuganet CPM Ad Network

Yuganet.com works hard to provide a healthy revenue stream for our publisher partners as well as quality sites for our advertisers to promote their content on.

Our ad serving technology allows our publishers to optimize every single impression they send to us. Using many algorithms we determine the best ad to serve to our publisher sites to both help our publishers earn more revenue from all impressions we sell as well as provide the best possible position for our advertisers to get their brand, service or product seen.

Our ad matching technology works in milliseconds every time an impression is created on our publishers sites, allowing our publishers to benefit from higher revenues and more relevant ads for their audience.

We work with several leading ad exchanges to provide the best possible solutions to our publishers so they can work on creating great content while we work on making them more money for their sites..

With over 1,000 active publisher sites and over 2,000 ad campaigns running through our network we look forward to welcoming you on-board soon.

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